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News for year 2009-2011

19/7 -   Hipp hipp hurray!!! Our Want-litter celebrates their first birthday today! We can't hardly belive that time has past this quickly. We are very proud of all our pups and their owners. They do a great job raising the Want-litter to be well behaved and loving family members.


The newborn Want-litter


  Sadly, one of the boys didn't get to celebrate his frist birthday. Ramses, Spisi's Most Wanted,  who was our first born was also the first one to leave us. It is with great sadness in our hearts that we write that he was put to sleep in april this year. Ramses lived in Denmark och and during this spring they discovered that he had patella luxation on both back legs and surgery was necessary for him to have a good life as a companion dog. His owners decided to put him to sleep in april 2011. Ramses will always have special place in our hearts! He was born in the same minute that his legendary grandfather Farao Anubis Ramses past away. May they both rest in peace.



Ramses 10 ½ weeks old


News from 2010

20/9 -  

Ramses, Spisi's Most Wanted, 9 weeks old needs to find a new home since his owner has developed allergies. He's a lovely positive boy with a great attitude and has show potential.

His brother Forrest, Spisi's Give Me What I Want, is still looking for a home of his own. Forrest is still a very calm and curious puppy who likes to explore his surroundings.
Forrest is looking for a loving home as a petdog.

If you are interessted in one of these lovely boys, don't hesitate to contact us.
Below is three pictures of Ramses. New pics of Forrest will come shortly.



Ramses 8 veckor

Ramses 9 veckor

Ramses 7 veckor


14/9 - The Puppies have started to move to their new homes. So far Hera, Cleo, Ramses and Romanov have joined their new families. Today Lykke joins his and tomorrow its little Ceasar turn. Everyone except Mr. Blue "Forrest" have new homes. If you are interessted in this boy, don't hesitate to contact us. Forrest is looking for a loving home as a petdog.

Forrest, Spisi's Give Me What I Want, is your little Ferdinand in the litter. He walks his own way and take things with ease. Even though he's a calm boy he won't hesitate to play with his siblings or explore his surroundings. He´s a fearless boy with a mind of his own.
  Mr Blue "Forrest"

7/9 -    we have 2 lovley males left. Visit the Swedish blog for more pictures of the pups or read about this lovley combination here.

The "Want" Litter almost 7 Weeks.

  Pink bitch - Spisi's Know You Want Me

Lilac bitch - Spisi's Cause I Want To

Green male - Spisi's Want It All "Romanov"

Orange male - Spisi's Say What You Want "Ceasar"

Brown male

Turqouise male

Dark blue male

Male without collar


21/8 -     we have 2 males left. Please visit the Swedish blog for pictures of the pups. Please feel free to contact us if you have any interest in this lovely combination.




26/7-   One week ago, the 19:th of July, Dyrka gave birth to the first litter on kennel Spisi's! She got 8 healthy pups, 6 males and 2 females. Everything went really well and Dyrka is a great mom that takes really good care of her pups. Below you can se the pups birth weight and marking colour:

1. Male, 14:36, 490 g
2. Female, 14:45, 420 g - Pink ribbon
3. Male, 14:50, 440 g - Dark blue ribbon
4. Female, 14:55, 425 g - Yellow ribbon
5. Male, 15:28, 450 g - Green ribbon
6. Male, 15:35, 355 g - Orange ribbon
7. Male, 17:04, 405 g – Turquoise ribbon
8. Male, 17:12, 365 g – Brown ribbon

The pups are growing and developing just fine. You can follow their development on Sandras personal blogg: We will post a lot of pictures of the pups at that blogg! Please feel free to contact us if you have any interest in this lovely combination.




Dyrka and her 8 pupps

8/7 -   Exciting news! Dyrka is definitely pregnant! We are expecting the delivery to be the weekend week 28, around 15-18/7. Now we are just waiting to see how many puppies she's carrying. Please feel free to contact us if you have any interest in this lovely combination.




Picture of Dyrka taken yesterday, 52 days from first mating

18/5 -   Dyrka started her season a month earlier than planned! Fortunately Pharuz breeder Masha was able to come to us in short notice. It was love at first sight and Dyrka and Pharuz have now been mated twice since yesterday. We are so grateful to Pharuz owners Darya and Anuka and to his bredder Masha at kennel Reedly Road for letting us use Pharuz!

We now hope that Dyrka will deliver a sweet pharaoh litter in the beginning of week 29. Please feel free to contact us if you have any interest in this lovely combination.




Pharuz and Dyrka, the lovebirds!



Pharuz och Dyrka in the spring heat

15/4 -   We have both sad and good and exciting news! Our breeding plans for Dyrka this summer have been changed. Due to sudden changes Amon and his owner can't come to Sweden for the mating.

The good and exciting news are that Dyrka now will be mated with a very beautiful and good tempered  male by the name Pharuz, AmCH, Rus CH, S CH, FinCH, NorCH, Nordic CH, Lux CH, Bel CH, Ukr CH, Slo CH, Lit CH Reedly Road Deep Blue. Read here for more information about this thrilling combination. Yoy can also visit Pharuz own homepage. Please feel free to contact us if you have any interest in this lovely combination.



Pharuz on the move





News from 2009

20/8 -   Great news! Dyrka's eye examination today showed that she is free of clinical symptoms typical of hereditary eye diseases. We have now made it official which male Dyrka will be mated with. Read here for more information about the planned litter. You are more than welcome to contact us if you are interested in this combination.

21/7 -   Thanks for all the congratulations we have recieved for Dyrkas Champion title! Here are som pics of her frpm the dogshow this weekend.


Me and Dyrka on the move



Waiting for our turn in open class



Dyrka with her Champion ribbon


18/7 - At Köping internationell dog show Dyrka went 2:nd best bitch in hard competion. She also took her last CC and became Swedish CHAMPION today! 11 bitches in total, 4 bitches competing for the CC.

Dyrkas results: 2:nd bitch, CC, CACIB and Swedish CHAMPION!


14/7 - We are planing a pharaohound litter in early winter of 2010. For more information please contact us.


25/5 - Lysa have been diagnosed with allergy and will not be used in breeding. This is not a decision were happy to make but since one of our breeding goals is to breed healty dogs it´s a decision were doing without hesitation.
21/2 -   We are now starting to make the plans for Dyrkas upcoming litter. We hope to mate her at the end of this year. More information about that later! We are also planning to take two pinscher bitches that will live with other families on breeding terms.



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