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SE UCH Enigma Superlicious Outfit


Dyrka 6 years old

             Quick facts...
Name:  Enigma Superlicious Outfit, called Dyrka
Born:  2006-05-03
Height:  ca 59.5 cm (17 months old)
Weight:  ca 22 kg (17 months old)
Breeder:  Kennel Enigma
Titles:  SE UCH

Show results:

 3xCC, 1xCACIB, 1xR-CACIB, 5xBOB-puppy, 1xBOS-puppy,
 1xBIS-1 baby at SvVK, 1xBIG-4 puppy


 Eyes clear 090820 
 Complete set of teeth with correct bite.


 Click here to see Dyrka's pedigree

Dyrka 15 months

At the 3:rd of may 2006 our long-desired Pharaoh hound was born at the worldwide known and respected kennel Enigma in Sweden. Dyrka's mother is the top-winning INTUCH SUCH NUCH DKUCH FINUCH EUW-05 NORDV-05 SBIS BIS Enigma Surprise Me "Vega". Her father is the young and promising CC-winning NordV-05 Siphra's Pied Piper "Goliath", the top winning male PH in Finland 2005! Dyrka carries excellent blood, type and temperament from a pedigree consisting only of the best of the breed! 

Dyrka is a real extrovert but at the same time she's a very sweet and gentle bitch. She just loves to cuddle and play! She amuses her self and at the same time she knows that she'll get a lot of comfort and love from us. New environments doesn't bother her, she just takes her place and enjoys the moment!

She's a fast learner and she very easy to motivate. She's is trained with positive reinforcement and she just loves to think for her self. On top of that she as a great eye contact and a strong interest in objects! She's a joy to train with!
Dyrka is the mother to our first born litter, the Want-litter, that was born in 2010.


Dyrka 6 years old


Dyrka 5 years old


Dyrka 5 years old


Dyrka 17 months old


Dyrka 15 months

Dyrka ca 11.5 months


Dyrka 8 months

Dyrka 6 months


Dyrka 3 months

Dyrka 6 weeks - Photo © Kennel Enigma


Dyrka 5 månader

Dyrka 10 månader



Dyrka 4 months


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