Spisi's Don't Want To Share


Eos 2 years

AmCH, Rus CH, S CH, FinCH, NorCH, Nordic CH, Lux CH, Bel CH, Ukr CH, Slo CH, Lit CH, WW-10
Reedly Road Deep Blue x SE UCH Enigma Superlicious Outfit

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Name:  Spisi's Don't Want To Share "Eos"
Born:  2010-07-19
Height:  -
Weight:  -
Titles:  -

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Eos is our "pick of the litter". He lives with Linnea and her pinscher Lysa in Luleň. He is e true sweetheart with lots of curiosity of life. Eos will not be used in our breeding, he is castrated.


Eos 23 months


Eos 22 months


Eos 1 year


Eos 1 year


Eos 1 year


Eos 8 months


Eos 7 weeks