Spisi's Know You Want Me


Hera 23 months

AmCH, Rus CH, S CH, FinCH, NorCH, Nordic CH, Lux CH, Bel CH, Ukr CH, Slo CH, Lit CH, WW-10
Reedly Road Deep Blue x SE UCH Enigma Superlicious Outfit

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Name:  Spisi's Know You Want Me "Hera"
Born:  2010-07-19
Height:  59 cm (9 months)
Weight:  18 kg (9 months)
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Hera is the bitch that we kept on breeding terms. She lives with Gustav and Malin in Kristinehamn, together with a sweet boerboel bitch Babe. Hera has a very positive attitude and loves life. She is curious to explore the world. Hera charms everyone she meets with her sweet attitude. Gustav and Hera is practicing for the shows that will come and already at 4 months old we could show her freely. We are excited to se how this beautiful girl will develop.


Hera 19 months

Hera 11 months


Hera 4 months


Hera 9 weeks with her owner Gustav


Hera 7 weeks