Spisi's Take What I Want


Lykke 10 months

AmCH, Rus CH, S CH, FinCH, NorCH, Nordic CH, Lux CH, Bel CH, Ukr CH, Slo CH, Lit CH, WW-10
Reedly Road Deep Blue x SE UCH Enigma Superlicious Outfit

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Name:  Spisi's Take What I Want "Lykke"
Born:  2010-07-19
Height:  -
Wight:  -
Titles:  -

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Lykke is the smallest boy of the litter. But he had a lot of attitude and was a vary confident boy. He lived with his owner Oskar in Lidköping. Lykke, like his siblings, just loved to cuddle and was a very easygoing and happy boy. Unfortunately he ran away in february 2013 and there is no signs of him ever since. We truly hope that he is well, where ever he is.


Lykke 10 månader


Lykke 3 months

Lykke 7 Weeks