Spisi's Most Wanted


"Ramses" 7 Weeks

AmCH, Rus CH, S CH, FinCH, NorCH, Nordic CH, Lux CH, Bel CH, Ukr CH, Slo CH, Lit CH, WW-10
Reedly Road Deep Blue x SE UCH Enigma Superlicious Outfit

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Name:  Spisi's Most Wanted "Ramses"
Born:  2010-07-19, put to sleep in april 2011
Height:  -
Weight:  -
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 Patella luxation on both back legs

Ramses is our first born puppy! He was born at almost the same minute as his legendary grandfather Farao Anubis Ramses past away. The circle of life had it's way and it was only appropriate that he therefore got his name Ramses. Ramses lived in Denmark with his owners Tina and Brian and their kids. Ramses was a boy that loved to learn new things and he was really easy-going! Unfortunately in spring 2011 they discovered that he had patella luxation on both back legs and surgery was necessary for him to have a good life as a companion dog. His owners decided to put him to sleep in april 2011. Ramses will always have special place in our hearts!


Ramses 3.5 months